Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Red Cabbage and Soup

I just had to take a moment to share that I'm not perfect. I know. It's a shocking statement, but let me explain...

I wasn't raised eating cabbage. It wasn't a common ingredient in my home growing up. As an adult, I know there are a lot of wonderful, positive attributes to cabbage and am learning to incorporate it into various dishes.

So, today, when my son was feeling under the weather, I started up some turkey broth, added that wonderful turkey neck meat, added in sauteed onions and garlic and mushrooms. At the last minute, I decided to add some cabbage for it's nutritive properties. Well... all I had was red cabbage. So, I cut some thin slices and added it to my soup, let it steep a bit to soften and then went to serve this wonderful, tummy warming, throat soothing soup to my precious son.

It was black. Ok, maybe not tar black, but very dark. My wonderful turkey broth was not a beautiful, rich, golden color, but rather a blackish, purple-ish, icky-looking mess. It was not very appealing or appetizing. But, even worse than the way it looked was the fact that my wonderful soup had almost no flavor. Oh well. I guess you win some and you lose some. I made my son drink the broth in spite of it's appearance. His throat did feel better afterwards...

Oh, and I picked up some green cabbage at the store for future use!

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  1. LOL You still deserve credit for trying something new. I've never had cabbage in a soup before, red or green. My grandmother would cook cabbage every now and then. My mom cooked some whenever we had corned beef. So I've grown up eating it but I must admit we do not eat much of it now. I prefer to eat the harder white parts as it cooks instead of eating it as part of a meal later. My grandmother was the same way. I don't mind it in cole slaw or egg rolls but we don't eat those much either. So...kudos to you for your attempt. At least his throat felt better... :o)

  2. Christine, I can't stand cabbage cooked to the point of mushiness. I kind of add it near the end of the soup cooking time and only cook it enough to heat it up. I do love it raw, too...

    OOO - egg rolls. Haven't had those in a long time. That sounds good. Thanks for making me salivate! :)