Saturday, January 15, 2011

Broth Pictures

I thought I would share some pictures with you. I took these during the broth making process today.

After straining the "rib broth"

Ready to cool before going in the freezer

After straining the turkey neck broth and picking the bones clean!

The wonderful, tender, flavorful meat from the turkey necks

Making broth is an easy thing to do and so good for you and your family. It is not really time consuming. The stove (or crock pot) does all the work for you. You just throw everything in and wait for it to finish!

* I always use a good quality sea salt.

* I sometimes simmer just bones, an acid (any kind of vinegar, citrus juice...), salt and enough water to cover the bones by a couple of inches.

* Sometimes I add herbs that compliment the stock I'm making. Sage can be added to a turkey broth. Thyme or Oregano to chicken. Onions, Garlic, Celery, Carrots, Bell Peppers can all be added to flavor your broth, if you choose. How ever you want your base to taste is completely up to you.

* Isn't that easy?

Why don't you try your had at making broth and let me know how it turns out?

By the way, this post is participating in "Real Food Wednesdays" over at Kelly the KitchenKop's Blog. You should really stop by and check out her blog, it is one I read all the time and is full of great ideas and information... then there are all the comments and links that follow each post. It is an absolute treasure trove of information!


  1. Hi there, I just stumbled onto your blog today and am a new follower :) This is a good post and pictures about broth. I usually do mine overnight in the slow cooker. After we finish our chicken dinner, then I throw all the bones, innards, etc., along with veggies including yellow onions with skins, lemon juice, sea salt (much like your recipe above), and strain it in the morning. Yum!

  2. Thanks, Sarah! I'm glad you have chosen to join me here.

    I love using my crock pot for broth, especially if I'm not going to be watching it for any length of time (whether sleeping or being out of the house). They are wonderful inventions.