Thursday, January 20, 2011

Not Eating Whole Foods

For some reason, I have spent several days really been craving pizza. I mean really wanting pizza. My favorite has always been pepperoni. So, today, I cranked up the bread machine. I put in the ingredients for my favorite pizza crust dough. Unbleached flour, yeast, water, oil, a few seasonings... and I cranked up the machine. An hour later, I kneaded the dough. I let it rise almost as long as indicated (ok, so I was in a bit of a hurry). I slathered on the store bought sauce, pepperoni, and cheeses. I baked that little bit of heaven until it was bubbly. Then, we dug in and I ate a slice and a half. About 30 minutes later, I felt like I had eaten a whale.

It would seem that my body has gotten used to real, whole, natural foods. I noticed a while back (maybe a month or so) that eating at my favorite fast food restaurant left me feeling sick. Now, the not-so-healthy style of pizza I made left me feeling like there was a rock in the pit of my stomach. I am thinking that maybe my body is so happy not eating prefabricated food that it rebels when I do.

So, here's my plan: learn to make pizza dough with whole wheat flour, make the sauce from scratch (I do it with spaghetti sauce, why not just reduce it a bit more until it's thick enough for pizza?), and use veggies and real meat, not overly processed meat like pepperoni. Maybe then, I can enjoy the pizza experience without feeling poorly later.

Have you found you have intolerances after switching to real, whole, natural foods? How did you keep/change the foods you used to enjoy or did you just ditch them all and start from scratch?


  1. I've given up conventional least for now. The carbs make feel bloated and gross and then the next day all I want is eat more carbs and sugar. We do like our pizza though so I have been making a Meatza which is like pizza but has a meat crust instead of bread dough. I recently posted about Meatza on my blog.

  2. OK. I am a total carnivore. I checked out your blog post and figure this is definitely something I could try! Thanks for telling me about it.

  3. I try to stay away from all white flour, and we do have a grain mill and grind our own fresh whole wheat flour. It's tasty....and easy to do. Grinding actually consists of pressing a button....2 minutes later...fresh flour. It's an electric grain mill.

    I've posted about it on my blog, and freshly ground flour not only has all the nutrients and vitamins still intact, it tastes MUCH better than whole wheat flour at the store.

    I also have several pizza recipes using the whole wheat flour along with my pizza crust recipe....bruschetta pizza, flatbread pizza, etc. SO tasty!! We love homemade pizza here.

    I've been enjoying checking out your blog, and am now a follower through google connect and networked blogs, as well as Twitter. Hope to "see" you around! ;)

    Denise @ Creative Kitchen

  4. OK, I know it's not an excuse, but we've just changed residences. It happened fairly quickly, kind of a sneak attack... :P Our food choices quickly hit the skids. After about a month on far less than ideal foods, I have ended up with a fairly bad ear infection. I'm now working on healing it through traditional means, rather than using antibiotics. Just a little public service announcement to remind y'all to eat Real, Whole Foods!